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December 23rd, 2002 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

In todays Wired, Blogs Make the Headlines.

It’s safe to assume that, before he flushed his reputation down the toilet, Trent Lott had absolutely no idea what a blog was. He may have a clue now. Internet opinion pages like Instapundit, run by University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, and Talking Points Memo, from leftie political columnist Josh Marshall — were among the first to latch on to’s brief item on Lott’s racist comments during Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday bash.

I think Blogs are going to do for the left, what talk radio did for the right. I’ve always felt that the so-called “liberal media” was a lie told by the right to justify moving an already conservative media further to the right. But In either case, the importance of this story is that with a sufficient number of blogs, representing a large enough cross-section of society, we’ll get a media that is increasingly balanced and offering more perspectives.

I’m also excited to see Time Magazines Persons of the Year are three women who acted as whistleblowers for large-scale corruption in Enron, Worldcom and the FBI. Hopefully such huge personal risk is recognized for the great service it does for all of us, especially in light of the Homeland Security Act, which now criminilazes such behavior. Perhaps this is Time Magazines way of snubbing their noses at the establishment.

On the technological front, this months Wired Magazine has an article on Open Spectrum by Kevin Werbach.


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