Promising Developments in Open Software/Radio

December 18th, 2002 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

A story in Business 2.0, The Penguin Takes Flight, talks about a new project called Mo-no, that could revolutionize Linux software development and finally give Microsoft a run for their money.

Here’s why Mono is hot: First, it promises to make translating most new Windows programs into Linux fast and easy. That means someday soon anything from Quicken to your company’s supply-chain software could be ported over to Linux with the double click of a mouse. Second, Mono could speed up the development of new Linux applications by as much as a factor of three. “Those are two big battles,” Icaza says. “We are going to win at least one.”

And a story from Salon called Free Software Radio.

Call them hackers of the last computing frontier: The GNU Radio coders believe that any device with a chip should be able to do, well, anything. OK, now imagine the looks of terror on the faces of existing machine makers. Imagine if the only thing stopping your handheld PDA from simultaneously being a GPS receiver, phone, radio or miniature TV was your willingness to download and install some free software program.

Main Website: GNU Radio.


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