Supernova “Decentralization” Conference Opens

December 9th, 2002 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Supernova, a conference on decentralization started by Kevin Werbach and the Pulver organization, has started about an hour ago. You can follow a lot of this via two weblogs:

Conference blog

Group blog

Enormous number of bloggers…

Some Running notes:

Kevin Werbach opened with a nice explanation of why decentralization is important — we can’t scale up without it, he notes — and that there needs to be a market around it.

Everytime power is decentralized, new opportunities arise in all kinds of ways, says Howard Rheingold. He wants to look ahead and see how decentralization may give rise to new forms of collective action.

We’re at the beginning of a technology/development cycle, Howard says. Several technologies are converging to create something with its own unique characteristics, as when video monitor and microprocessor got together at the dawn of the PC era. Then, when PC was connected to phone, we got something new again, the Internet. In both cases the users shaped the medium.


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