A Rebirth of Psychedelic Futurism

January 7th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized


The future as told through the present has been awfully grim these days, especially with the almost surreal government oppression we’re facing. But this article brought a smile to my face, and it was very synchronistic, as I have already been on the same wavelength these last few months. The last few years, and especially since 9-11, I’ve had my belly full of futures filled with science and technology gone awry and video games whose sole purpose is to kill and destroy in what is almost always DARK, DANK, and DYSTOPIAN worlds.

Yet when I dream at night, those wonderfully lucid flying dreams, I recall all of those fantastically fun and pleasure filled dreams of far-out futuristic possibilities, inspired by a 1960s and 70s culture that celebrated an ongoing progress towards a better more positive tomorrow. A future where fun, pleasure, love and peace are pervasive – space colonies, interstellar pleasure cruise ships, orgasmatrons, sexy computers voices and intimate zero-gravity environments. And it got me to wondering about bringing those types of visions to reality somehow. A vision to share with others. With everything going on now, I feel an inexorable drive to CREATE more than ever before. It feels almost like a moral imperative. Perhaps if I can network with other sufficiently tuned-in minds on the planet I can least find some kindred spirits who share a vision of a much better future. . And for those of you who haven’t heard of Ian Banks, I highly suggest you read his books about The Culture, a website I host on this server. Its my hope that I can, as time progresses, continue to tweak and improve the content and quality of this site to better reflect this emerging positive worldview. A future that we, our children, and our mind children can look forward to.

[*Note: This blog post led shortly thereafter to the huge thematic shift in what I blogged about going forward – less tech-centric and more consciousness-centric. This led shortly thereafter to the creation of FutureHi.net, a site dedicated to fostering a wildly optimistic and visionary inspired future-present. Futurehi was sold in 2006. All my posts on my old blog and FutureHi are now archived here at Enthea.org]



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