Affective Glogging: Mood Mediated Real-Time Blogging

January 5th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

A wrote a short piece a couple of weeks ago called Beyond Blogging: Real-Time Intimate Reality. Stephan Mann has just published a piece about quiki glogs or real-time unmediated CyborgLogs (cyborglogs or “glogs“). I suspect however, that the majority of us who become gloggers will want to be more selective in what we broadcast. The first problem that occurs to me is that you’ll quickly grow tired of deciding when to broadcast and when not to. The trick will be to automate your casting preferences, perhaps have it learn through sophisticated adaptive algrothims, fuzzy logic, and user feedback.

Combine affective computing (computers being able to read your emotions) with other forms of mediated glogging (real-time streaming), and you get affective glogging.

With affective adaptive glogging you will be able to stream your life in a fuzzy fashion based on a web-of-trust (aka friendnet). This way your real-time stream to the outside world will be broadcast selectively (mediated) based on your GPS location, mood, and whim.

For example, when you are feeling sad, you could program your computer to only broadcast to your most trusted friends, or when you are feeling highly creative and energized you might want to stream your happenings to a wider audience for interaction and feedback. And of course you’ll probably want to selectively broadcast based on your GPS location, so that your friends might know you are home and available, but everyone else sees you as offline – at least visually.


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