From DNA Storage to Exopaleontology

January 6th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Appearing on Slashdot, Using Bacterial DNA For Data Storage:

This is an attempt to achieve the ultimate in archival storage (one of the modified bacteria can tolerate 1000X more radiation than a human being). Now just suppose that the “junk DNA” in the human genome is the documentation package for the machine code. Who wrote that manual?

Richard_GalenReminds me of that Star Trek episode The Chase, in which Dr. Galen, Captain Picards old Archaeology professor, found genetic data-blocks from various species around the galaxy stored in the junk portion of each species DNA, including our own. When a sufficient number of these data blocks were put together it completed a stellar map, identifying the precise location of the original origin of life on our planet and countless others. The jury is still out on the Panspermia Theory, but my own hunch is that there is lots of intelligence out there vastly older and greater than we are.


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