Good News Tidbits Abound

January 23rd, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Perhaps I am just in a good mood, but I’m seeing a lot positive news tidbits today:

Bush’s support is drying up faster than a prune in the Sahara. Nearly every country in the world stands firmly opposed to this war. The amount of people showing up at anti-war demonstrations is unprecedented. It took years of us being in Viet Nam before we had a similar showing. And we are not talking about fringe activists, hippies and leftist, but also multitudes of war veterans joining this swelling movement. Now there are even members in the top brass of our own military who are questioning Bush’s warmongering. My only concern, is that the Bush cabal will be backed into a corner, and through their desperation will respond in some drastic and devastating way. I’m not saying they will directly commit an act of terrorism against American citizens, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another terrorist attack that will shock the world (think nuclear). I deeply and sincerely hope I’m wrong about this. In the meantime San Francisco is the largest city yet to pass an anti USA PATRIOT Act resolution.

Hillary Rosen is stepping down at the end of this year. She also admitted that file-sharing will eventually supplant the music industry as we know it. I agree with her… something much better and more democratic will take its place.

Continued Growth of Mesh Networks – Locust World is offering a Linux Distribution that turns any Wi-Fi station into a mesh-network node. This is a fantastic development and accelerates the emergence of an ad-hoc decentralized internet consisting primarily of individual users. That means that telcos, backbone providers, and other centralized control centers will become increasingly obsolete.

Open Source Will Win – It may take a while, a long while, but its win is inevitable. For those of you who haven’t noticed, not a day goes by now, that a story doesn’t appear somewhere in the news about the growth of Linux. There are too many stories to reference here. But entire countries, and municipals are giving up Microsoft and other proprietary software for Linux. Its my prediction that by 2010, Linux and open-source software will be the most common and standard running software in every type of device from consumer electronics, to wireless, to desktop and enterprise applications. My prediction is M$ will still be around, but in a much smaller and more legacy role. People will still be able to charge for software, as long as its useful and timely, but open-source will be the dominant paradigm of the software universe.


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