RIAA going after ISP’s

January 22nd, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Content providers are really starting to get under my skin. From original story on Wired.

The Recording Industry Association of America wants to go after the companies that provide you with your Internet access.Here are some of the printable reactions since RIAA chief Hilary Rosen presented the proposal last weekend, during which she said Internet service providers would soon “be held accountable” for money the music industry has lost due to file-swapping services:

It’s stupid. Unethical. Illegal. Insane.

“Blaming ISPs for giving these hardened criminals the bandwidth for perpetrating their heinous file-sharing acts is akin to blaming the highway department for creating roads that are used by dope smugglers,” said security consultant Robert Ferrell. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, it’s my opinion that the copyright dinosaurs and their permanent copyright holding power are all doomed in the face of rapidly expanding ad-hoc and decentralized networks. We are seeing their last gasp and desperate hold for power, and I am very optimistic that something much more democratic, grass-roots and of higher quality will take its place. Same goes for movies, TV, journalism, art, everything. We are at the dawn of a new renaissance in creativity, as soon as the dinosaurs get out of the way. And yes, the very best creators will be able to make lots of money despite zero reproduction costs. Not to mention that the price for creating high-quality content will continue to drop.


UPDATE:  1:58pm: The Year the Music Dies:

Record labels are under attack from all sides – file sharers and performers, even equipment manufacturers and good old-fashioned customers – and it’s killing them. A moment of silence, please.


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