Why The Future Does Need Us

January 30th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Freeman Dyson has just published his own review of Michael Crightons Prey in the New York Review. The title of this article is also a response to Bill Joy’s, Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us, which first appeared in Wired Magazine a couple of years ago. This article covers nanotechnology, bioterrorism and censorship.

I would only like to add that despite the dangers of any powerful technology, especially biological and nanotechnological, barring their research outright, as Joy suggests, is the most dangerous path as only those hiding in the dark, and away from accountability, will be developing it – think both government black-budget and privately funded terrorist groups.  Only if this research is open can we hope to thwart its dangers, mitigate its risks, and steer it in a positive direction. The promise of nanotechnology is so great that we must do our absolute best to harness it for good


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