Anonymous E-Cash

February 14th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

The Lucre Project has released a new version of its code. From the announcement:

Lucrative is based on Ben Laurie’s Lucre project. Lucre is a system of blinded digital cash. It is unlinkable and untraceable: the bank cannot record the coins it issues to customers, and cannot identify which account is paying which, except by traffic analysis.

This is ‘true anonymous digital cash’ folks.

Lucrative is building a server anyone can use to build their own digital bearer instrument underwriting business.

Even now, the server is fully functional. It’s based on standards: SOAP, the Simple Object Access Protocol, and the major force behind the emergence of Web Services. It’s written in platform-neutral Java. It’s database-neutral, but we’re developing on open source MySQL.

Major goals are releasing easy-to-install packages, bringing server bug counts to a permanent zero, and developing the first graphical client, CashBox, into a ‘smart client’ that uses vendor-neutral digital bearer instruments, third party metadata and realtime, online markets.


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