Political Rant

February 14th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Are you fed up? Are you desperately wanting us to wake up from the mass hysteria and overwhelming stupidity gripping the U.S.? I hesitate to write politically on my blog, because quite frankly I’m a little nervous about how much of what I write will be used against me in the future. It’s a sad state of affairs that I have fallen into this state of self-censorship, but I try to insert my deep political concerns through the technological optimism of this site. Here is what Mitch Ratcliffe had to say earlier today, and I for one am glad he did:

I’m having a lot of trouble blogging about anything having to do with business trends, because the country is taking such rapid steps to total political isolation abroad and total hysteria here at home that the only thing that occurs to me is to say “Well, the worst of times are the best of times to start something new, because when we Americans wake up to just how stupidly this country is being run right now there will be a huge wave of innovative community and technology in response to that awakening.”

Having been Doc’s source on the Code Red rumor, which I got from a friend who is in a position to know, I find the whole thing so surreal and can clearly see how the government and press are colluding to raise the level of fear. It sells missile strikes on the former’s part and commercial time on the latter’s. The exact rumor I heard is this: The nation will be at Code Red on the terror alert scale by Friday and that the alleged target will be New York City.

Who knows if it is true (and that is what I find so frightening — the government now tells us the craziest shit and the media just regurgitates it, and WE buy into it).


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