Hitchhikers Guide to the Multiverse

April 28th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized


I’ve been thinking a lot about Max Tegmarks ideas on the multiverse and some of its more profound implications. This one occurred to me the other day:

According to Tegmark an infinite Level 1 multiverse is limited to the very large 2 to the 10120 possible states within a given Hubble volume before it repeats. Since there are an infinite number of Hubble volumes, then at least one of these volumes should exist with the maximum possible intelligence in a given light cone. The same can be said about the 2 to the 10120 possible states of a given Hubble volume at Level 3.

Would this not be equivalent to a quantum computer with 2 to the 10120 qubits, whose program’s output is essentially the answer to life, the universe and everything? Is this not similar to the Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy, except in this case the Level 1 Universe is the computer and whatever maximum intelligence it achieves is the answer? Thinking of it another way, we are talking about the maximum amount of intelligence possible within a level 1 multiverse, which by definition is equivalent to the maximum possible apotheosis within a Level 1 parameter set.

Following this further, since Level 1 is infinite and there are an infinite number of repetitions of every 10 to the 10120 states, then that also means that every ‘you’, even all the ones who experience every imaginable degree of suffering in other universes, will ultimately find themselves in a Level 1 maximum heavenly apotheosis. Because of the nature of our given physical constants at Level 1 we seem destined again for space-time rupturing by eternal chaotic inflation. So the question remains will the maximum apotheosis of Level 1 figure a way to outlive the end of Level 1 space-time? I’m hedging my bets that they will, as we are talking about an infinite amount of intelligence devoted to the problem.

Either way, I suspect the end result is an infinite numbers of universes achieving their own unique maximum degree of intelligence and blissful apotheosis, transcending the limits of Levels 1,2,3, and eventually 4 – resulting in all of us growing and evolving into higher forms of intelligence, compassion and wisdom without end.


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