The Second Superpower

April 1st, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

A new paper by James Moore talks about how emergent democracy empowered by the growing global decentralized network and ever increasingly powerful social tools (blogging only being the beginning), will give rise to the most powerful political force on the planet. I believe if we can survive the growing instability caused by large nations states – such as the expanding war in Iraq, this will come to pass.

In any case, what I most want to share with you is my paper The Second Superpower Rears its Beautiful Head (the title was suggested by Esme Bashwiner). The point of the paper is that the movement is now approaching the status of the second superpower,îafter the United States. This is due to (1) critical mass of people who identify with the world rather than the nation, with each other rather than just themselves, (2) the web and interactive media “neurology”of the movement including texting, email lists, and blogging which is giving it a kind of collective mind and ability to act, and (3) the advance of international institutions and international law, which provides a venue or a forum in which the second superpower can work with sympathetic nations to press its cause. The Bush administration is attacking the fabric of the international system, but it is unlikely to prevail.


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