Media Monopoly

June 4th, 2003 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

For those of you who are following, the FCC granted the right of the media giants to further consolidate their monopoly on media broadcasting – TV, Radio, Newspapers, and even possibly the net itself.

I agree this is bad, but it might actually be a good thing too. As Kevin over at Cryptogon says:

I find this entire discussion ridiculous. Let them merge into a single corporation for all I care. What difference does it make? The media has been usless in this country for longer than I’ve been alive (31 years), so why not just let it fester into a larger pustule of lies and deceit?

At some point, people will need to realize that trying to fix something that is hopelessly broken is a waste of time. Stop consuming their nonsense. Turn off your television. Cancel your newspaper subscription. Grow some vegetables. Make some nice tasting tea. And just let the system collapse. It’s near to the end. There’s no sense in getting upset about it.

I agree. At least now, the illusion of a free press will be gone. Not only does everything appear through their transmissions to be awful – insincere, condescending, STUPID – its construct comes off as laughably ‘inhuman’ and monotonous. At the moment, the majority of Americans still tune into this crap, but for how much longer? I’m seeing the average person on the street starting to rebel against it. More people, especially the younger generation are turning to the internet for the news and communications. You can only fill people up with so much crap before their brains automatically revert to something closer to the reality they experience.

And believe it or not, I”m still optimistic that the “freenet” will continue to grow, despite any amount of consolidation, control and censorship the giants place on the existing net. Out on the edges, people and clever “hackers” will find ways to keep information flowing. Additionally, the net is not the US anymore, it’s global, decentralized and ultimately out of control.


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