Bucky Fuller: Some Timely Quotes

February 10th, 2004 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

Bucky Fuller was apparently a man before his time. The following quotes were from his book Critical Path, published in 1982:

It is now possible to give every man, woman and child on Earth a standard of living comparable to that of a modern-day billionaire.

This is not an opinion or a hope — it is an engineeringly demonstrable fact. This can be done using only the already proven technology and with the already mined, refined, and in-recirculating physical resources.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This will be an inherently sustainable physical success for all humanity and all its generations to come. It can be accomplished not only within ten years but with the phasing out forever of all use of fossil fuels and atomic energy. Our technological strategy makes it incontrevertible that we can live luxuriously entirely on our daily Sun-radiation-and-gravity-produced income energy. The quantity of physical, cosmic energy wealth as radiation arriving aboard planet Earth each minute is greater than all the energy used annually by all humanity. World Game makes it eminently clear that we have four billion billionaires aboard our planet, as accounted by real wealth , which fact is obscured from public knowledge by the exclusively conceived and operated money game and its monopolized credit system accounting.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
We find all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their 1980s jobs in their cars and buses, spending trillions of dollars’ worth of petroleum daily to get to their no-wealth-producing jobs. It doesn’t take a computer to tell you that it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home.

If his words rang true then, they do even more now. So the prevailing question is, why hasn’t humanity taken his advice, and is there hope that we ever will? I think the answer is yes. The biggest problem that continues to persist is exclusively conceived and operated money game and its monopolized credit system accounting. And that is where the rules of the game are slowly starting to shift.

The network-enabled emergence of decentralized freed markets and the subsequent transparency of modern day accounting, motivated in part by Enron and Worldcom, and the increasing ease in which customers-investors will be able to move their money towards trusted (reputation-system powered) parties will turn the tide on this, and bring us closer to a leisure society.


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