Reality 3.0: Hypermediation & Paradise Engineering

February 25th, 2004 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized


I’ve been thinking for some time now how customized hypermediation, made possible by the nano-symbiotic merging of our wetware, software and hardware, will vastly expand our experience of reality. This mind-machine symbiosis, for those of us who decide to take this journey, is sometimes called uploading.

The Senses and Emotions Have A Future.

Once we have merged into this accelerating intelligence, our perception of the universe will expand dramatically. In wild difference to Hans Moravec, who says that the senses don’t have a future, existing in some kind of simulated “body” with it’s accompanying sensory array, will allow us to experience  constructs far richer and more complex than existing as just pure thought. It could also be demonstrated that sensory experience is just another form of thought – the minds interpretation of raw signals transmitted by our senses. In this view sensory experience, internally generated or not, acts as another way to expand our useful set of contexts, perspectives and gestalts in which to process and interpret complex information. If we ditch the senses we would be cutting ourselves off from another way to experience reality. Expanded intelligence is about expanding our experiences, not limiting them. The future of intelligence then, is more sensory experience… more complex and enriching than anything we can possibly imagine right now.

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