How To Fake a UFO in Broad Daylight

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Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. None of what I am about to tell you was ever performed by me or anyone else I know. If carried out it would likely break a whole bunch of city/state ordinances, land you in jail or worse. This description is merely to show you that a device could be constructed using 1980’s technology that could duplicate many of the effects of a UFO encounter of the first and second kind, and even third kind given clever costuming and obfuscation.

Ok, I’m about to give away a secret I’ve held onto for 17 years. It’s not a big secret mind you, only a way to fake a UFO that I have never seen anyone put forward before. Back in 1987 while living in Tucson, my friends and I used to engage in some “guerrilla ontology” discussion, inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s book Cosmic Trigger. Ontology is the branch of philosophy that tries to understand what’s real and what isn’t, or what’s the difference between real reality and mere appearance. Our idea of this back in 1987 was to devise an “event” that would absolutely stupefy anyone who sees it. To qualify it had to have elements of both magic and magick. Magic in that it really is just a clever magic trick, and magick, because it had the potential to change the minds of anyone witnessing it. Most magic has some degree of astonishment, but the catch is you always know that someone is performing it.

Our brand of magick was intended for large audiences without any idea they were witnessing a magic trick, but instead an event that was outside of their reality tunnel altogether. The desired result was to get people to go “Huh!? What the hell is that?!!!”

During that year (1987), we devised at least a dozen of these magickal pranks. Most of them would take a considerable amount of cash to pull off, so we could only imagine what would happen if we actually did them. Besides, most of these pranks would involve breaking numerous city, state and possibly federal ordinances. So those with the financial sway to pull them off would be operating outside of the law. Below is one I devised where you could duplicate a “UFO” with almost all of the effects out of a typical MUFON sighting report, but that could also be seen by thousands of people in broad day light. Almost every UFO hoax I’m aware of was either perpetrated at night, or was done with the only witnesses being someone with a shaky camera. Where as the method described below could work in broad day light with everyone seeing it in plain view.

The first thing you’d need is a craft capable of a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL). Preferably this vehicle would have prop fans rather than jets. Again, if you had the money you could conceivable build something like this. The next thing is to attach hundreds of small actuators to the bottoms and sides of the craft. At the end of each actuator you would have a mirror with gimble. Each mirror would have the ability to rotate independently. The mirrors would be slightly convex to broaden their reflective effect. Each of these actuators would be controlled by a microprocessor control board that would be tied into a computer and laser gyroscope for accurate attitude feedback. The idea here is that the exact position of the sun would be known at all times. As the craft yaw, pitched and rolled, the mirrors would adjust in real-time so that the light hitting the craft would automatically be reflected down and out with maximum dispersion, creating the effect of a very bright light in the daytime sky. So bright, that you would not be able to look at it directly.

So now you have a craft that is capable of hovering and flying a bit like a UFO, albeit more sluggishly, and that is unidentifiable, other than appearing as a very bright object in the sky.

To add more realism to the trick, you would need some kind of low-frequency maser or EMP device. The idea is that as you flew over your flight path, lights, cars and other electrical devices would shut down, just like out of the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

And finally, you could transmit a continuous radio signal at the exact same frequency used by radar tracking equipment. This would have the effect of either jamming the tracking device, or creating echo or ghost reflections off of a line-of-sight radio tower. So those attempting to track you would see multiple blips on the radar screen.

So now that you have this souped up “UFO”, you could take it out for a spin around town. For maximum effect and publicity you’d want to do it over a large group of people already outdoors, like at a rock concert or festival. Burning Man could be an ideal place to pull this off, as they are already in the mood to receive your magickal transmissions! As you fly over everyone, all they can see is a bright light, their cars shut down, and their radios and other electrical devices shut off. As you whisk over the audience, going as low as 500 feet, you could zip off to a distance, perhaps a nearby hilltop and land temporarily. If you really want to blow peoples minds, you would have two or three small people, in full-body latex costumes get out of the vehicle and walk far enough away that people could see them. Anyone attempting to take a photograph would probably fail to capture an image, as the mirrors would be creating a near-blinding light. But people would see small “creatures” walking about the craft, then getting back in, and the craft taking off again. Ideally, you would fly over a mountain range or something, and have a ground crew waiting to take you away, so that no one could track the origins of the craft.

Assuming you could pull off a stunt like this, you could create a huge ontological awakening in the people who saw it. It might even make the mainstream news, since it would be in broad daylight with thousands of witnesses.

So here is the next question, how many of these so-called UFO’s over the years were in reality faked by highly financed human beings? I’m not saying that all UFO landings are of this variety, only that using 1980’s technology you could fake a UFO in broad daylight. Creating a UFO at night is even easier. Obviously, many of these sightings involve craft that move at impossible speeds and angles. Even my father and I saw such a “craft” when I was about eight. So I remain happily agnostic about UFO’s in general. Besides I think the term UFO is inaccurate. How do we know these sightings are objects at all, and not some visual anomaly? For that reason, I stopped calling sightings UFO’s a long time ago, and prefer the term UVA, which stands for Unidentified Visual Anomaly. Or perhaps a UOO – Unidentified Ontological Observation. In either case, it pays to have an open and skeptical mind.


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