Jet Ski’s for the Sky

March 25th, 2004 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

airbike01Came across this over at Grow-a-Brain

The AirBike™ VTOL Personal Aircraft

The AirBike™ is the ultimate expression of the V.T.O.L. idea. Parked in your garage, launched from your driveway, the AirBike™ will be able to reach and land in areas not accessible by any other mode of transportation.

The AirBike™ is a VTOL, personal aircraft which uses vectored thrust, generated by a ducted fan, to achieve both vertical and level flight.


I have dreamed about flying something like this ever since I saw one in the movie Heavy Metal back in 1981. Here is a screen cap of a “bad guy” flying one during a chase in the movie:



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