Visionary Artist: Peter Eglington

August 7th, 2006 | Posted by paul in Visionary Art


Peter Edington is a visionary artist who lives on the Golden Coast of Australia, and whose art has been a great inspiration to me.  For me his art is beautiful, warm and uplifting.

“In the last few years Peter’s art has been attracting the attention of many individuals worldwide. He is to be one of many visionary artists whose work is soon to appear in “Eyes of the Soul” -exploring inspiration in visionary art and artists. This book is to be authored by Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, who teaches the Old Masters techniques of oil and tempera painting in European seminars each summer. The foreword is by Ken Wilbur, America’s foremost contemporary author integrating transpersonal psychology, theology and a number of other fields into an integral philosophy. Peter has been in discussion with Allan Silberhartz, host of “Bridging Heaven and Earth”, an international television format for awakening focusing on the oneness of all life without any specific spiritual or religious orientation. This Santa Barbara based show is broadcast to approx 100 cities across the United States and it is hoped that Peter’s art will feature prominently when the crew eventually make it across the water. Peter’s works grace the walls of homes in locations as diverse as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Hawaii, Macedonia, France, India and Sweden.”

Peter_EglingtonMany years of work have gone into the creation of these unique paintings. Years of love and joy – and pain also. In a culture obsessed with quantity, quick fixes and surface glitz, these works represent something eternal, created with love and for the glory of God made manifest to the best of my human abilities. They represent over ten years of work on top of a lifetime of obsession with all things spiritual. Each painting was created with incredible attention to detail using materials that determine a slow, steady emergence of the images and guarantee the highest possible quality art works. The initial impetus for the creation of my art came from an overwhelming desire to share with others my personal special experiences that I felt unable to convey by any other medium.cherubim

I have felt an almost obsessional fascination with all things spiritual since early childhood. As fate would have it I became part of a generation that pursued inner realities at the cost of personal advancement in the material world. I had always drawn as a child; however, with the arrival of the psychedelic movement I found increasingly that my energies were being expressed through visual art. As part of the collective western fascination with all things eastern during the 60’s and 70’s my attention was naturally drawn to eastern art forms and particularly the mandala as a means of personal and collective healing. As the 70’s rolled into the 80’s my fascination with inner paths began to become much more earth centered with the realization of the ancient wisdoms contained within most tribal cultures. At times my life began to read or feel like a chapter from a Carlos Castaneda book as I became increasingly engaged with the animal kingdom. Therefore I am endeavoring through my art to synthesize the wisdom of eastern cultures with earth based tribal cultures. Basically, my art has become a reflection of my personal inner unions. During the 90’s I became increasingly interested with the work of Dr Jose Arguelles, as outlined in his book “The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology“. I began to share with many others on the planet an intuitive sense of the deep importance of this particular work and began to follow on a daily basis the Dreamspell Calendar

blue_eagleEach of the works were produced as I underwent certain experiences of an inner nature and consequently the art works were a reflection of my spiritual psyche at that point in time. I also find this process immensely healing as it allows free expression of my inner joy and confirms my long felt feeling that creativity is of the nature of existence therefore humans in order to partake of God’s essence need to be creative in some form or other. For those who resonate with these paintings and tune into them regularly it is possible to partake of the beauty and harmony that existed in the creation of each work. Indeed, for those who are open and receptive enough each will act as a portal and allow access to realms beyond third dimensional consciousness. Some may act as inspiration, others bringing deep peace or a sense of grounding amidst a planetary energy field becoming increasingly saturated with the opposite qualities. 

totemI have held back a number of paintings dealing with the emerging role of feminine energy in the coming times and will release these images when my intuition feels guided to do so. Many of these paintings are available for purchase as posters so that you may partake of their essence on frequent occasions in your own chosen venue. It is my hope that you partake of the deep love that has gone into their creation and that this site helps strengthen the light web that we are. Furthermore, that it connects us through our hearts, minds and souls and helps change the frequency of the planet ever increasingly toward a place of deep peace in this realm of the galaxy, reflecting the oneness of love and sense of awe increasing numbers of us are partaking of within this supreme gift of life. Peace for all members of our planetary tribe, whether from the angelic, human or animal realms who are helping bring about the resurrection of the planet in the humble service to and on behalf of the Great One. All glory to the Supreme Creator of our shared existence.



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