Galacktic Trading Card Oracle Deck

March 25th, 2008 | Posted by paul in Visionary Art

galactik_deckSuper cool pal Delvin Solkinson of Elfinstone has put together an amazing new site that seamlessly brings together many if not most in the visionary art community into one place – featuring is an, “art card deck celebrating the spirit of the inspired creative imagination. Entheo art explores the divinity at the heart of the human, a sacred expression sharing an ecology of worlds, entities, beings, landscapes and magical occurrences from the imaginal. Entheo or ‘Spirit’ art crosses over times and places, a thread that weaves through the collective history of all human cultures. It links together interconnected art genres including visionary art, fantastic art, religious art, magical realism, fantasy art, new age art, spiritual art, and surrealism.”




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