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March 27th, 2008 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

My article Super-Free Will, was just published on Reality Sandwich.

Reality Sandwich is the latest brainchild of Daniel Pinchbeck.   Other contributors  in that issue include Stanislov Grof, Erik Davis, Doughlas Rushkoff and Charles Eisenstein. So I am in great company. Some recent articles there include:

Shift Scenario: Averting Mass Extinction by Jim Fournier.

I am impressed with the level of insight, scholarship, and deep hope this article presents. Jim manages to address every aspect of our current crisis – environmental, climatic, financial, social, political, and technological in way that not only makes sense, but in way that shed new light on what’s going on and why there is a lot of reasons to be hopeful about where we are heading.

The Next Buddha Will Be Collective by Michael Bauwens.

Michael makes a compelling case of a new type of collective spirituality evolving out of our globally connected peer-to-peer culture.  This is a fascinating and hopeful perspective that makes a lot of sense when current spiritual systems are examined for their own socio-political roots.  What will this new type of spirituality be.  Charles Eisenstein, author of the new book Ascent of Humanity has some good ideas in:

The Original Religion by Charles Eisenstein. Also by Charles, Truth and Magic In The Third Dimension

Stanlislov Grof has good article on the Current Global Crisis and The Future of Humanity.

Other Recommends:

Psychosynthesis: Speaking With Molly Brown
How to move toward wholeness, integrating or synthesizing all the parts of the personality to work harmoniously together – incorporating wisdom from Buddhism, yoga, and other Eastern philosophies; Western spiritual traditions, philosophy, and psychology; and the emerging field of ecopsychology.

A Users Guide to Climate Change
The Vertical Farming Project

And this article is most ineresting:

Google and The Myceliation of Consciousness


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