A Story of Profound Personal Transformation

March 19th, 2009 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

It is not often I share a personal story on this blog.  In the last 8 years I have experienced a great deal of tragedy.  In this time I lost my house and all of my belongings to a house fire.  I lost my father two months later to a rapid onset of pancreatic cancer.  In 2006 I experienced a series of tragedies and unfortunate events.  As part of this ongoing stress I contracted a very painful, serious and for many months, undiagnosed illness, which among other things resulted in having my gallbladder being removed in December.  This didn’t fix the problem, but it was their best guess at the time. Did I mention pain?  Yes, chronic pain that completely debilitated me, resulting in a total loss of income, and a half-dozen visits to the emergency room bent over in total agony. I am only now recovering, thanks in part to adopting a very healthy diet and lifestyle, and a exercising a profound level of acceptance and love for myself and those around me.

The story below is for those who need to hear that profound personal transformation is possible for anyone, right now if you are willing to open your heart.

I came across this story a few weeks ago in a book I was reading while deeply detoxing in a far-infrared sauna at my local acupuncturist’s office.  It touched me so deeply, that I wept quietly but deeply amidst the profuse and cleansing sweat while in the sauna. The story is from The New Holistic Health Handbook, and it’s a passage from a chapter by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross titled, Death Does Not Exist.

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