Psycho-Spiritual Breakthrough

August 11th, 2009 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized

What would you do, whether through accident or providence, stumbled on a way to radically accelerate your personal and spiritual evolution and could show others how to do the same?  Would you tell the world, shout it from the rooftops, go on a lecture circuit… OR would you keep it to yourself and spend that valuable time applying what you know to your own life to see if it actually works, then through example show others how to do the same?  This is not an easy question.  The reason is that now more than ever people need answers – practical, no-nonsense solutions to improve their condition. This is especially paramount today as the problems of the world continue to mount with no clear way out.  The question of our age is will we as a species survive our technological adolescence long enough to lay a clear pathway for humanity long-term survival in the future.  But not just survival, but learning to live in harmony with each other and the Earth and in turn spread out into the cosmos and fulfill the hopes of Utopian dreamers everywhere.


I am reminded again of one of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes called Transfigurations. where a beautiful and tender man with emerging and extraordinary abilities is rescued by the Enterprise crew. Initially he suffers from amnesia from a shipwreck in which the others traveling with him were killed.  Later we discover they were fleeing their home planet because their government wants to execute them because it fears their new abilities.  It turns out the survivor is the first of his kind to transcend to the next evolutionary phase of their species – an immortal being of light.  It’s definitely worth watching, especially it’s allegorical treatment of current society’s fears around similar themes.

So back to my original question.  What would you do?  If you decide on the first option you will join a loud and growing course of others saying the same thing, most of whom are making such claims in an effort to secure a fast buck in the spiritual marketplace. If you check out this “spiritual” bazaar you’ll find it absolutely saturated with every imaginable huckster, motivational speaker, and guru offering their own special technique that when followed will bring you instant riches and spiritual enlightenment.  It continues to astound me how the same old message gets rehashed every few years by a new person on the scene, where the public is all too willing to embrace them as if finally someone will tell them “The Secret” to it all.

But, if you indeed do have something truly valuable and that has worked miracles so far, thousands, perhaps millions of people would benefit if they knew what you knew.  And time is wasting every minute you hold on to your little secret.  But then you just happened on this little formula for rapid evolution.  You’re not sure if it will keep working.  More importantly after using your new found knowledge for a few years you discover in the long run it doesn’t produce the results you thought it did. You’re smart enough to know there are no short cuts, but you do have a way now to take the only road their is through the thick of it, but do it in a way that is vastly superior (faster) than anything that’s come before it..or so you think so far based on your experiments.

Transfigurations2What would you do? Tell the world now and possibly save the world from its misery, or keep it to yourself and see if it really works? Then if it does you can show people by your example, risking perhaps a lot of unnecessary misery in the world that could have been prevented had you spoken up sooner.

Personally I’m taking the middle ground – staying mum on any grandiose claims until I’ve had enough time to see the long-term results, while sharing what I know with those sincere and courageous seekers willing to do it for themselves.




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