Paul-Avatar1Welcome to my attempt at a whole-brained canvas and visionary pallet for exploring the frontiers of art, science and consciousness. I am an artist, scientist, comprehensivist and free-lance human being. I am currently the director of Vivation International, where I’ve spent the last few years traveling the globe teaching workshops on personal empowerment and deep emotional healing.

Despite the problems we have in the world today, I believe we are on the verge of a profound evolutionary jump, beyond our technological adolescence, into becoming mature co-creators in the universe. Most people think this is impossible, but I believe it is entirely doable, practical, desirable, and critical. As far back as 1965, Bucky Fuller said we have the necessary design science for all of us to live harmoniously and abundantly on planet Earth. We need a solarpunk revolution! All that is needed is a shift in consciousness; a realization that it is possible, and then acting on that realization. I’ve outlined one possible scenario in my essay Innovating Our Way to a Peaceful and Liberating Anarchy, as well as documenting the ever expanding tools of radical abundance that can help us do it.

Golden Age or Bust!

I am encouraged by the global awakening that is now occurring. I believe we are seeing the beginnings of a planetary wide phase-shift; a critical inflection point in our evolution, where old centralized systems holding us back are giving way to new decentralized systems of abundance and freedom. These new systems of abundance have the potential to usher in a post-scarcity economy of leisure and human upliftment that will take us to the stars and beyond.  Most people, I suspect, would hesitate to call this new world Utopia, but that is the tangible possibility that now beckons us. We have failed to manifest it so far because we have lived in a system that, by political design, keeps us from imagining better alternatives.

There are not only better alternatives, but WAY better alternatives. We have the means now for bootstrapping humanity beyond anything we have yet imagined, even our greatest visionaries. All it takes is enough of us to believe it is possible, and then making it happen. All the tools we need are already here.

Two of the most promising trends facilitating this shift are decentralization and the emerging technologies of radical abundance. These two trends are intimately tied to one other. The nature of decentralization enabled by things like peer to peer technologies (p2p) is that it shifts the power to the edges, the ends, the “bottom”. This emerging bottoms-up, grass-roots world is inherently more democratic, participatory, decentralized, leaderless and I dare say utopian. A world where everyone is empowered, both individually and collectively, to pursue their highest life path.  We already have the means to collaboratively build all the necessary life support systems at the local level. This means far less dependence on centralized systems for thrivability. Considering the general reproductive fitness of open-source models, these decentralized systems can create more prosperous, secure, inclusive, coherent, responsive, dynamic, participatory, representative, and cooperative systems than anything we have ever had before.

As the old political and economic order fail us, the rise of decentralized collective intelligence and systems are rising in its place. The pace may seem slow now, but it’s gaining speed, and will soon become the way of life going forward. Powered by the the network that is “us” we are all benefiting from and creating positive and transformative feedback loops, culminating in a loosely knit, but increasingly coherent global brain. A phase shift that represents a peer-to-peer enabled civilization-wide singularity. The result will be something entirely new – a radically distributed, continually forking and evolving, open-source, radically abundant life-supporting operating system – ushering in unlimited modes of consciousness, artistic expression, innovation, peace and prosperity. A fully regenerative, ecologically harmonious economy on a hyperbolic course for the stars. We will no longer have to work for a living, but play forever. As we enter this radically abundant post-scarcity era, the universe will become home to our highest consciousness, intelligence and synaesthetic explorations – a true Golden Age… and onwards to Apotheosis.