Dreams, Soul Travel and Love

By Sri Harold Klemp, Eckankar
When you do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, fill yourself with love and goodwill. Do one exercise every day. Spend about twenty minutes on it. This builds your spiritual stamina gently over time. Regular daily practice is the key to success. This exercise is from my book The Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

There are many ECK spiritual exercises. Each one opens you a little bit more to the Sound and Light of God.

This spiritual exercise is for three different groups of people:

(1) those who don’t dream but want to

(2) those who dream but want to Soul Travel, and

(3) those who want to go beyond dreams and Soul Travel to the state of direct knowingness.


Dreams, Soul Travel & Love

The exercise is so simple that it may seem as if I’m belittling your intelligence, but I’m not. Truth is always simple.

Just before you go to sleep, sit quietly on your bed. Close your eyes. Chant HU (pronounced hue) very softly, or if someone is in the room with you, chant it silently to yourself. HU is a special word, the ancient name for God. You could call it the manifested Word or the Sound; it has a power of its own.

As you take the time to sit there and chant HU, the name of God, you are making a commitment with Divine Spirit. Chant HU in a long, drawn-out way for three or four or five minutes, and let yourself settle down. Then wait for a few more minutes before starting the next step.

For those who have been unable to remember their dreams, simply chant the word dream spelled out. Chant it out loud, letter by letter: D-R-E-A-M. Do this for about five minutes. Next, chant the same thing quietly for a few minutes, and then just go to sleep. As you are falling asleep, say, “I would like to remember a significant spiritual dream.” With this method, you are asking for truth to come through the dream state.

Some of you want Soul Travel, which is usually an advanced state beyond the dream state. Again, sit on your bed or on the floor, shut your eyes, and look into your Spiritual -Eye. This is located at a point just above and between the eyebrows. Don’t expect to see anything there; just chant HU, the holy name of God.

Then spell out Soul Travel, chanting each separate letter: S-O-U-L T-R-A-V-E-L. Do this about three times out loud and then three times quietly.

Those who have Soul traveled may now want to go to the higher state of direct knowingness, without having to go through the intermediary stages. Dreams and Soul Travel are helpful and important, but at some point you outgrow them.

Simply chant the words divine love. Originally I was going to give it as L-O-V-E, but some people would mix it up with human love. The word divine takes it beyond human love. Divine love brings you all forms of love, including human love. To limit it to the usual definition of love is like working from the bottom, instead of working from the top of spirituality.

So, chant D-I-V-I-N-E L-O-V-E. This means you seek the highest form of love, which brings all blessings to you.