Phadroid and The Human Experience – Catching The Ghost

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Andrew Jones: Their physical form can be almost a vehical…There are momement when a dancer can traing themselves to fully let go of themselves and thier ego and their identity and become this canvas where this ghost comes in and takes over.

Phaedra Jones: I believe there is a difference between technique and the process of cretivity or spirituality, because that process creates itself. Whereas technique or structure is created by the mind… there is huge difference between the state of mind, and the state of no-mind. If humanity is going anywhere further than where it is now, I believe it can recieve more information from states of no-mind than states of the known. And that’s what we are trying to explore together. It takes a lot of courage because we are so used to being in control. When you don’t know where you are going, you can go to places you cannot even comprehend.

Visit: The Human Experience


Art: Tree of Life

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Art by Richard Quinn


3D Sketching

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Wow, it seems like every month or two, the ever increasing speed of computer processing is making possible entirely new ways of interacting with computers.  I mentioned Photosynth, which allows all the worlds photos to be seamlessly tied together to form a virtual 3D visual of the world.  Then there is multi-touch, which will utterly change the way we interact with computers in the coming decade.  Below is a demo of a new intuitive 3D sketch program that will let anyone create 3D sketches easier than working with clay.

ILoveSketch from Seok-Hyung Bae on Vimeo.


Idyllwild, California

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I got back last week on a 5 day trip over the holidays to visit family. Driving out of my way and taken random turns up a winding mountain road I came across a most lovely town called Idyllwild. It’s got to be one of the “grooviest”, most heart warming places I’ve been to. Here are some photos I took:


Having spent the day there it’s easy to see that the majority of the residents are artisans or “creative types” and other folk just looking for a warm community to live in.Lots of neat and unexpected shops including restaurants like GastroGnome and stores like Lady of the Lake Soaps. It felt like a little nordic hippy town that has escaped some of the hustle and bustle of the world below. The people were incredibly friendly and ‘different’, even exceptional in their funky spark. There were many dome houses and other alternative types of architecture there. My family and I are seriously considering moving there once we complete our current work.



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E-sheep is a website by a fellow named Patrick Sean Farley, who I have never met but, who in the 7 years I have been aware of his work on the web, is like the brother I never had. I discovered his first site called “In Orbit Around The Web” in 1996. The similarities between him and I seem uncanny at times. The site features comix by Sean and his artwork – which is achingly beautiful at times.