Astrud Gilberto

June 9th, 2000 | Posted by paul in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Astrud Gilberto)

Perhaps because I first started hearing music in the 60’s when I was a small child, I have a weakness for music from that era. Growing up, there was this beautiful singer whose voice was always deeply soothing to me. Of course I was too young to know who this was, and by the time I was a teenager and into all the “hip” music of the day, I forgot about her. Then 20 years later, along comes Napster, and I start scouring this new network for any music I can find. I have never been good about names, but there is just an endless amount of music that has passed my ears throughout my life that I haven’t cataloged. Then as I was surfing thru a genre called Bossa Nova, I re-discovered her again – Astrud Gilberto. What a thrill to download her music and listen to it again. After several downloads, I felt a bit guilty and went out and bought some of her albums. I found her website, and wrote her a letter, and a few days later received this personal response from her. 🙂


Dear Paul,

I’m Glad you rediscovered my music

Many thanks for your kind words.

Best of luck to you!

Astrud Gilberto