Intuitive History & Healing Archetypes

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galadrielWhat is history? Is it the stuff we read about in books, written by the biased perspective of the winners? Or is there another more genuine history that we are heir too? There is history within us that is our birthright and our salvation. This is the visceral and intuitive history we feel in our bones, and experience within ourselves, and which we can discover and awaken through myth, legend and lore. Behind every mask, lies a deeper truth that can never be re-written or erased, awaiting our discovery. The DaVinci code is merely the re-telling of an old tale of alignment to archetypal truths available to anyone willing to make the journey within.  Sometimes all it takes is noticing the subtle psychic and vibratory landmarks of experience when we visit a sacred site. Notice how myths take on new life and meaning as we advance spiritually, transcending outside imposed historical interpretations. The Mists of Avalon is a perfect example of Grail Legend retold at a truer and more heart-chakra level. A uniting of opposites, a sacred union of feminine and masculine.

Do we store within ourselves this more true historical and personally relevant information? I believe so. Are we born with certain archetypes already in place, at the cellular or DNA level? Or are they so embodied within the socio-psychic landscape of the human communities that we are heir to, that only the most intuitive and insightful can gleam their otherwise subtle, yet profound influence?

This is where the creative spirit has the most opportunity to flourish. Rather than live within the linear timeline imposed on us by other mythmakers more powerful than ourselves, we have the opportunity to “step out of time”, and tap into the mythic landscape ourselves.

Across cultures and time periods there are certain archetypes, which appear over and over again, uniquely interpreted through the culture in which they arise. My personal favorite is Elvish lore, eloquently expounded on by J.R.R. Tolkien. Elves kind of represent a tangible connection or “bridge” to the divine. They are physical beings, yet they are also immortal. They work within the physical world, yet are also beings of light, not having to work magick because they are magick. And lest we think that we are just human beings, remember that these archetypes are universal. That means they are a part of us, a reflection of our higher s-elves, outside of time and space. In other words, the mythic landscape is our doorway into our united self. By tapping in and embodying these archetypes, especially the ones we resonate with the most, we can transform and heal ourselves from all of the illusionary samsara of this world we somehow mistakenly believed to be a part of us. There is an old saying, “you are in this world, but not of it”. So it is through myth, that we can transcend our suffering and embody our true self.

Before we make-wrong our own physical history, lets look at our own existence and how we came about. Here we are today, living within all historical currents there ever were. Our very conception represents the most sensitive coalescing of of events there ever could be. We are the product of one sperm out of hundreds of millions, and one ovum out of hundreds of thousands. A woman is born with already existing ovum. Lunar and menstrual cycles, diet, mood, and action then contributed to when and what ovum is released during a menstrual cycle. The slightest variation in any of these variables results in an entirely different ovum than ours. With the father, this is even more so. With so many hundreds of millions of sperm, what are the chances of the single one that unites to conceive us? A man’s sperm production is an on-going process that fluctuates constantly, every second. Such sperm production is even more sensitive to environment, arousal from a passerby potential mate, sleep, and diet, even the slightest exertion of walking a few feet.

In other words everything had to happen precisely the way it did up to our conception for us to have ever been born. To make our history wrong then would be to make our very existence wrong. Instead, gratitude for all that has come before us puts us in alignment with what and who we truly our. This can be both a discovery of beauty, delight and gratitude at our cultural heritage as well as one of somber humility and atonement for wrongs committed by our ancestors.

So no time to waste, gratitude is the first step. You’ll feel a whole lot better once you recognize this simple fact around your own conception. You are here, and there is a reason you are here, and you are meant to be here. You can’t change the past, but you are here now in the present, and that in itself is beautiful. So rather than be a prisoner to your past and most especially to everyone else’s (!), embody now in your present your most highest self. In this way you transcend so-called “history” and begin to embody the truest history there ever was, the mythic landscape of your soul.



[NOTE: this was the opening salvo post for the new site I founded called Future Hi!, which became a very popular visionary culture blog exploring the farthest frontiers of consciousness, science and technology during the early/mid 2000s . Many great writers and a few luminaries joined the team. We were celebrating the rebirth of psychedelic futurism that was exploding on the playa at Burning Man, and the super promising radially abundant future it still portends. At it’s peak we had over 50,000 daily readers. I made many life time friends through it, and after a few years of pushing the idea envelope, many of us decided to move in new directions, and the site was sold in late 2006 and is now defunct. All of my posts from FutureHi are now here at].


One of the primary inspirations behind this new site is that turning on higher intelligence is not only fun and joyous, it is absolutely necessary if we and our intelligent civilization are to survive the coming decades and expand out into the comsos. By higher intelligence I mean the whole enchilada, whatever that is – not just greater intellect, but greater everything – greater emotional sanity, more love, compassion, creativity, inspiration, and most especially the transcendent visionary experience itself and it’s infinite expanse so raved about by psychonauts, shamans and eastern/yogic practitioners. As Dr John Lilly once said, “Science is the Yoga of the West, and Yoga is the Science of the East”. The question then is this:

Is this higher intelligence (i.e. enlightement, satori, samadhi, zen) a product of our evolving brain opening new experiential neurological circuits as materialist might say, OR is there some kind of “objective” higher intelligence in the universe which we are starting to tune into, or both?

For the purposes of this site, it doesn’t matter what the answer is. What matters is that these transcendent states are valid in themselves and what we do with them. Dos it really matter if the true source of these sublime experiences are arbitrary brain states produced by a complex flood of neurotransmitters or something else? As Hans Moravec has repeated often, simulated experience is for all philosophical purposes as real as non-simulated experience. And besides, how could we tell the difference? How do we know we are currently not in some kind of hyper-advanced “matrix” simulation or in the mind of a much greater entity?

My opinion is that, despite your philosophical point of view (materialist, idealist, or something else) the computational-nanotechnological metaphor presents us with a potentially huge increase in intelligence over the coming decades. It is becoming clear in the scientific community that the computational metaphor is the next big thing in science – a paradigm shift as Kuhn describes – a move from a strictly materialist point of view to a more computationalist perspective. Stephen Wolfram, a respected physicist and author of the program Mathematica and the new book A New Kind of Science is one of the spear-headers of this paradigm shift. But it is still only a paradigm, a metaphor, the next metaphor, but certainly not the last. Science is slowly getting one step closer to hyper-intelligence, but hyper-intelligence as I have experienced it, transcends this mere computational perspective. That’s ok, as I think it’s only a matter of time. Strict empiricists such as Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil have both written books (I Robot: Mere Machine to Trancendent Mind and The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence) that have clearly taken the computational metaphor to its logical extremes, ending their books with hints of a transcendent “spiritual” reality. You could consider it a sort of digital “enlightenment” unplugged from traditional religious dogma. But they stop just short of clearly acknowledging that. What I am talking about has nothing to do with whether you are an atheist, agnostic or theist, since it’s pure experience itself, whose ultimate reality continues to remain a mystery. Like Godel’s Incompleteness Theorm, we may never know. It’s possible we may discover these “spiritual” realities to be nothing more than brain chemistry. I doubt it, but bven if that’s the case, it does not make these experiences any less valid. In the scheme of our evolution, of our planet, and our long-term survival, making such distinctions is irrelevant. The future of intelligence is an expansion into all of these states and beyond them. The future of intelligence, or contelligence (consciousness + intelligence as Timothy Leary liked to call it), is infinite.

Part of the purpose of this site is to bridge these gaps of understanding. That has been my underlying motivator behind the book I’ve been working on, if I can get the damn thing finished. I’m not worried about the LearyWilsonLilly visionary mysticals, they essentially get it. No, the challenge is transmitting these hyper-dimensional “groove-love” spaces  to the hyper-computational transhumanists who haven’t experience such things (yet). I think communicating this message is paramount, because it is these hyper-computationalist’s who are taking over the reigns of science and technological progress as we approach greater-than-human intelligence and decentralizing bio/nanotechnology. Higher intelligence by definition expands the number of alternative pathways available to us in which to apply solutions to pressing problems, which are only going to get worse unless we wake up and embrace more positive contexts. The sooner this “higher intelligence” is grokked the better our chances of us reaching utopia over oblivion.


The Singularity and The Apotheosis

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By Eliezer Yudkowsky

The Singularity holds out the possibility of winning the Grand Prize, the true Utopia, the best-of-all-possible-worlds – not just freedom from pain and stress or a sterile round of endless physical pleasures, but the prospect of endless growth for every human being – growth in mind, in intelligence, in strength of personality; life without bound, without end; experiencing everything we’ve dreamed of experiencing, becoming everything we’ve ever dreamed of being; not for a billion years, or ten-to-the-billionth years, but forever… or perhaps embarking together on some still greater adventure of which we cannot even conceive… that’s the Apotheosis.

We accept the possibility that this future may be unattainable; there are many visualizations under which Apotheosis is impossible. Probably the most common category is where the superintelligences have no particular reason to be fond of humanity – all superintelligences inevitably come to serve certain goals, and we don’t have any intrinsic meaning under whatever goals superintelligences serve, or we’re not sufficiently optimized – so we get broken up into spare atoms. Perhaps, in such a case, the superintelligences are right and we are wrong – by hypothesis, if we were enhanced to the point where we understood the issues, we would agree and commit suicide.

There was a point where I was sure that superintelligent meant super-ethical (probably true), and that this ethicality could be interpreted in anthropomorphic ways, i.e. as kindness and love (unknown). Now, with the invention of Friendly AI, things have gotten a bit more complicated. Apotheosis is definitely a possibility. I refuse to hope for an Apotheosis that contravenes the ultimate good, but I can hope that the ultimate good turns out to be an Apotheosis – and if there is no “ultimate good”, no truly objective formulation of morality, then Apotheosis is definitely the meaning that I’d currently choose. So I hope that all of us are on board with the possibility of an Apotheosis, even if it’s not necessarily the first priority of every Singularitarian.

The Principle of Apotheosis covers both the transhumanist and altruist reasons to be a Singularitarian. I hope that, even among the most philosophically selfish of transhumanists, the prospect of upgrading everyone else to godhood sounds like at least as much fun as being a god. There are varying opinions about how much fun we’re having on this planet, but I think we can all agree that we’re not having as much fun as we should.

Even after multiple doses of future shock, and all the other fun things that being a Singularitarian has enabled me to do to my personality, I still like to think of myself as being on track to heal this planet – solving, quite literally, all the problems of the world. That’s how I got into this in the first place. Every day, 150,000 humans die, and most of the survivors live lives of quiet desperation. We’re told not to think about it; we’re told that if we acknowledge it our minds will be crushed. (11). I, at least, can accept the reality of child abuse, cruelty, death, despair, illiteracy, injustice, old age, pain, poverty, stupidity, terror, torture, tyranny and any other ugliness you care to name, because I’m working to stop it. All of it. Permanently.

It’s not a promise. It can never be a promise. But I wish all the unhappy people of the world could know that, whatever their private torment, there’s still hope. Someone, somewhere, is working to stop it. I’m working to stop it. There are a lot of evil things in the world, and powerful forces that produce them – Murphy’s Law, blind hate, negative-sum selfishness. But there are also healers. There are, not forces, but minds who choose to oppose the ugliness. So far, maybe, we haven’t had the knowledge or the power to win – but we will have that knowledge and that power. There are greater forces than the ugliness in the world; ultratechnologies that could crush Murphy’s Law or human stupidity like an eggshell. I can’t show an abused child evidence that there are powerful forces for good in the world, forces that care – but we care, and we’re working to create the power. And while that’s true, there’s hope.

There is no evil I have to accept because “there’s nothing I can do about it”. There is no abused child, no oppressed peasant, no starving beggar, no crack-addicted infant, no cancer patient, literally no one that I cannot look squarely in the eye. I live a life free of “the normal background-noise type of guilt that comes from just being alive in Western civilization”, to paraphrase Douglas Adams (12). It’s a nice feeling. All you have to do is try to help save the world.

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