Step Into Liquid

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Dana Brown has done it again, creating what looks to be the most awesome surfing movie yet!

Official Site: Step Into Liquid

His choice of Michael Stearns music from the album Planetary Unfolding just cements it for me. Anyone who listens to Michael Stearns, let alone has heard of him, makes you super cool in my book. His album Planetary Unfolding is the single best space music ever made, period. I’ve listened to it thousands of times since it first came out in 1987. Imagine listening to this music high up in the Arizona mountains on a warm summer night, with the entire field of stars before you. Truly magical beyond belief.




Astrud Gilberto

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Perhaps because I first started hearing music in the 60’s when I was a small child, I have a weakness for music from that era. Growing up, there was this beautiful singer whose voice was always deeply soothing to me. Of course I was too young to know who this was, and by the time I was a teenager and into all the “hip” music of the day, I forgot about her. Then 20 years later, along comes Napster, and I start scouring this new network for any music I can find. I have never been good about names, but there is just an endless amount of music that has passed my ears throughout my life that I haven’t cataloged. Then as I was surfing thru a genre called Bossa Nova, I re-discovered her again – Astrud Gilberto. What a thrill to download her music and listen to it again. After several downloads, I felt a bit guilty and went out and bought some of her albums. I found her website, and wrote her a letter, and a few days later received this personal response from her. 🙂


Dear Paul,

I’m Glad you rediscovered my music

Many thanks for your kind words.

Best of luck to you!

Astrud Gilberto