Bioluminescence Surfing

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Okay, when I can go?



Surf Teahupo‘o Roars To Life

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The southern swell just hit Teahupo’o, Tahiti, and big wave surfers are there. Due to its unique underwater topography, when swells hit Teahupo’o they create the heaviest and most massive waves in the world. Just look at these monsters! This is *the* place that humbled and changed Laird Hamilton forever. If you’re into surfing like I am, check out the movie Riding Giants, which shows Laird’s famous first ride on this beast. Looking at the massive volume of water coming over these dudes, imagine that crashing on top of your head if you wipe out! These photos were taken yesterday. More up to date news at Surfline.

Koa Rothman

Towed in by Laird Hamilton, here’s Koa Rothman catching the “wave of the day”.

Alex Gray

“Many people, including myself, rode the biggest tubes of their lives on Monday,” Gray continued. “I’d like to say thank you to Raimana and Dorian for the invite to the greatest place on earth. (And Kai Garcia for helping me get my boards.) I will never forget today — or the surfers who tackled one of the heaviest swells of all time.”

Hippo knows an impossible situation when he sees one, and and was quick to hit the eject button on this one. Photo: Tim McKenna

Hippo knows an impossible situation when he sees one, and and was quick to hit the eject button on this one. Photo: Tim McKenna

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Koa’s epic ride:


Garrett Mcnamara has apparently broken the 100 foot wave record…. and he’s 46 years old!



Catching Some Laguna Beach Surf Today

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Awww… to be back in my home town of Laguna Beach again. I grew up here in the late 60s/early 70s before it got expensive. Growing up so close to the beach was pure heaven, and I am reminded of why I love Laguna every time I come back – the weather is almost perfect, the place is very laid back, and it’s so beautiful and green. The foliage here is stunning. I took this chance to catch some waves, small though they were. It was the happiest day I’ve had in a long, long time.



Long boarding? Sure, why not!

Now for some long boarding? Sure, why not!


Step Into Liquid

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Dana Brown has done it again, creating what looks to be the most awesome surfing movie yet!

Official Site: Step Into Liquid

His choice of Michael Stearns music from the album Planetary Unfolding just cements it for me. Anyone who listens to Michael Stearns, let alone has heard of him, makes you super cool in my book. His album Planetary Unfolding is the single best space music ever made, period. I’ve listened to it thousands of times since it first came out in 1987. Imagine listening to this music high up in the Arizona mountains on a warm summer night, with the entire field of stars before you. Truly magical beyond belief.