Hypertime, Hyperself, and “Googling” the Akashic


By Paul Hughes


We’ve probably all heard about hyper-space, but what about hyper-time? Is there such a thing? The more important question is how could there not be? Each bubble universe by definition has its own space-time continuum, and so it would only make sense that other bubble universes would have their own set of dimensions of “space”, “time”, and altogether different “things”. Since they have their own self-contained space-times, why then would these timelines synchronize with ours? Logically, since they are separate, they wouldn’t. Which means each timeline operates independently of ours. This can be a tough thing to grasp, because it means any time we experience here has no bearing forward or backward to what happens there, and vica versa. They and we are literally outside each others timelines!

It’s possible, as hard as it might be to imagine, universes with 3 time dimensions and 6 spatial ones. Better still, why not universes without space and time at all, but something altogether different and more extraordinary? Why not intelligences from realms where time and space would be completely alien to them, even restrictive from their perspective? It all seems arbitrary really, so why not an infinite number of other dimensions? I think this is closer to the true nature of things. The more physicist try to gain an understanding of how our universe and the forces of nature work, the number of dimensions necessary to explain it keep increasing. Since our current and observed understanding of Universe from an external/scientifical/empirically observational perspective is finite, then likely the theory that can account for it will also be finite, with a finite number of explanatory dimensions. This of course doesn’t mean it’s the theory of everything, only the theory of everthing we can observe so far empirically. Meanwhile the universe as understand it seems to becoming more permeable all the time – higher dimensions, wormholes, baby universes, superspaces, and continuing beyond all that. What is more likely is a meta-verse without end, infinitely beyond our comprehension – an eternal and ever expanding mystery that propels us forward, upwards, outwards, always becoming more free eternally. Sounds like sweet blissful perfection to me. That’s why I like Bucky’s Fuller’s term Universe, as opposed to the universe.

We exist and perceive Universe within certain arbitrary boundary conditions. However, we have also noticed that if you change your hyperspective those boundary conditions are transcended. For example when we expand our consciousness Universe becomes larger, more expansive, fascinating and more liberating. This expanded perspective results in an expanded sense of self and Universe. Existing technology can seem quaint by comparison.

From a psychological perspective our experience of Universe has been equally if not more profoundly changed and expanded since our ancestors struggled with fire. Imagine further the gulf between our ontological space and that of an insect or small microbe. Now imagine looking beyond our current technology and psychology, to the future of post-human intelligence vastly exceeding our own. Who is to say that these other dimensions of space described by string theory and quantum gravity will not open up to us? Who is to say that parallel universes (which apparently are right next to us) will not become known and home to our future self?

If David Bohm is correct about the implicate order, then there are an infinite number of dimensions both within and around us. And we don’t have to wait for some fancy technology to get us there, because we already have an advanced technology waiting to be tapped within our mind.  Whether it’s through lucid dream, out of body travel, or taking an entheogen, many people have these never-ending hyperdimesnions. The holographic theory, which I think will eventually be vindicated as the right one by scientists, provides a great map for understanding and integrating this beautifully simple and inclusive worldview.

According to the Holographic theory – everything is an interconnected continuum, on up thru the highest of dimensions – accessible to us right here, right now. The universe bubble we see through our eyes, telescopes and microscopes are merely the arbitrary boundary conditions defined by a combination of our physical space-time body-apparatus, technological augmentation and psychological development.

The conclusion we can draw is that given sufficient intelligence increase we can access all time vectors, continuities, discontinuities, realities, hyper-realities – the akashic record itself.

Imagine a point in which your intelligence, a vast network and continuum of information, knowledge and wisdom, begins mapping this holographic universe using hyper-intelligent “semantic”, hyper-synaesthetic meta-data, to use contemporary metaphors. Is higher intelligence already doing this with our most intimate moments now? Is this higher intelligence ourselves in “the future” living vicariously through our “past selves”, having not reflected yet that is in fact a hyper-intelligence capable of transcending all of it? Better still, are such distinctions between our so-called “lowly” selves and this higher self a false dichotomy? Perhaps that is what all the great sages have been trying to tell us – we are already gods, are already this higher intelligence!

As I have written before (see Sans-Ceiling Hypothesis), time being an arbitrary boundary condition, then in the super-set of all that is there is no before or after. There was no beginning, and no end. Nothingness doesn’t exist, because by definition it is self-cancelling. Therefore all that can be, and the creative freedom of the void, exist simultaneously as a standing wave in eternity – consciousness – the ground of all being and existence – iterating, enfolding and unfolding upon itself infinitely in every direction. We are already this infinite intelligence – always have been always will be – blissing out on the miracle of existence.

Some might say this brings an experience of an infinite number of hells, but that’s only true if free-will doesn’t exist, and I believe free will is the creative ground state from which all exists. Our infinite selves, through our finite incarnations and experimentations goes on to create higher and higher heavens.

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