Intimate Psibernetics

By Paul Hughes

It was the summer of 1990, and I was living in the forested mountains of eastern Arizona.  I was young, optimistic and filled with joy about humanities future. I spent much of my time frolicking among the beautiful woodlands, and loosing myself in the starry night sky, communing with higher beings of sound, love and light.  I waxed poetic about the potential of species evolution and the harmonious use of technology for the conscious evolution into cosmic immortals.  I anticipated the birth of Star Child Festival’s that celebrated the crossroads of high technology and consciousness.  I imagined myself as a traveling minstrel, a high tech gypsy with inflatable ambient “spaces”  for intimately enhancing our relationship with our planet, the universe and each other – for experiencing the light of consciousness in every rock, tree and stream – for becoming the beauty and divinity that is our birthright, and the impetus necessary for us to reach the stars.  What follows is some artwork and stream-of-thought text I created during this time. For me this is a gentle reminder to reclaim that youthful and bountiful bliss that served me so well.  I hope you enjoy these  free-thinking note and casual art pieces as much as I have.



  • Regenerative Systems
  • Architectonics
  • Pleasure Domes
  • Natural Process Engineering
  • Living Space Systems
  • Immortechnics
  • Psionics
  • Intimate Interfacing
  • Zero-Point Energy


Zero Technologies –  “god” consciousness forms zero-point fields which creates matter from “nothing”.

Possible seed developments – light + image from nature that influences contelligence, creating consciousness raising sounds through profound understanding of natural environments.

Innergetic Technologies – radionics, psionics, psychotronics, pulsa fields.

Mobility – self contained collapsable/expandable flying habitat – modules with onboard intimate psibernetic interfaces and compassionat light computers – oranic-nano-tech ships.

Eco-technics, new alchemy, arcologies, arthropods.

Full consciousness-interfacing, neuro-harmonics, synaesthetic pleasurdomes, sonic modulated ecstasy, innergetic technologies enhances telepathy with fellow species.  Total self-control over ones own brain frequencies – alpha, beta, theta, delta.  Conscious dreaming, waking lucidity, life becomes a lucid dream.




















No space-time, only “events” and “relationships”.The interface of art + technology = a  holistic aesthetic – expanded cybernetics – the technology of the psyche-soma.

A human being who lives in samadhi, in elegant simplicity, represent low-entropy, optimal energy efficiency.


illumined_domesFor large numbers to do this represents not a renunciation of technology but its transmutation and refinement towards minimal energy and maximum possibility – the path of least resistance.

The future is beyond “knowing”, but the present is beyond “belief”  We make so much noise with technology, that we cannot discover the Star gates in our heads.” – William Irwin Thompson, At the edge of history.

A quiet mind has increased insight and perception of more subtle dimensions, communications channels – telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.



Bodyship   *    Starship   *    Galaxyship   *   Godship


You are a timespace vehicle with a probability drive.

The “reality” in which you exist in and perceive may be nothing more than arbitrary creations of higher intelligence. Probabilities expanding only as fast as you are ready to navigate  and use them. As you expand your experience of higher intelligence you can repogram and expand  your own probability fields, creating your own synchronicities, luck and destiny. Those who figure this out will take us all to the stars and beyond.

As you begin to reprogram and metaprogram your probabilistic realities you can accept only what you want to and reprogram the rest – transforming yourselves into higher intelligence and joining the galactic game.

Everything that exists in “your current universe”, your consciousness has chosen out of the infinite possibilities available. Keep in mind there may be other intelligence’s (even terrestrial) who have programmed you and “your universe” This may even include what you perceive as life, gravity, matter, space and time… Consider the possibility that these phenomena our probabilistic realities you have been programmed to operate in until you are ready to transcend them, mere nurseries for your soul’s birth into higher forms.

Other entities almost certainly conceive their realities in terms of logical models of which we have the least intimation. Perhaps you can’t help but wonder if  “they” are already here. If the cosmobiological continuities which you seek are already “known”, perhaps are controlled by… someone… something… some hyper-cybernetic energy structure – some cosmic information warp.

Seeding space with our phallic vehicles, we and our species have perhaps already been seeded, are already embryonically becoming that creature who will enter the labial stargate in apotheosis to conceive yet another being.

We are forcing ourselves continually to mutate and reprogram our conceptions of the cosmos – in spite of inherited psychocultural forces, we are creating a radically in-process, holistic open-system cosmology.

Read history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and religion along with mythology, science fiction and fantasy. Create your own mythology or religion. Make it historic scientific in foundation and science fiction fantasy in style. Sign on your best friend for the journey (the buddy system is a safety net).

The details of your shamanistic starship are up to you. Think for yourself and do it everyday. Strive for comprehensiveness – specialization is for insects. Each shaman must find hir own way. With practice, patience and endurance you will end up with a shamanistic starship capable of reliably taking you to worlds of beauty and religious depth that have only been available so far to humanity’s great geniuses, artists and mystics. The possible destinations of your starship are infinite!

Good luck and god speed!




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