Radical Abundance Principles

Version 0.7

Last update: January 15, 2015


  1. The “MegaCrisis” (global ecological and economic collapse) can be overcome by a “Mega-Convergence” of abundant clean energy, abundant reuse of recycled/upcycled materials, and cheap and ubiquitous desktop manufacturing (see below).
  2. Networks trump hierarchies, favoring the formation of empathy centered collective intelligences that out compete all other organizational forms (i.e. decentralized collective intelligence is the most evolutionary stable strategy).

The Three Requirements

  1. Free-Abundant Clean Energy
  2. Free-Abundant Materials
  3. Free-Abundant Open Information & Connectivity

* Good news: Everything is accelerating/converging towards those three requirements (see ‘Developments’ below).


  • For the first time in history the tools of radical abundance are multiplying faster than they can be expropriated.
  • Spontaneous/P2P/Decentralized “Stigmergic” Collective Intelligence can create far superior forms of human organization than any kind of top-down, or coercive system – see Innovating Our Way to a Peaceful and Liberating Anarchy. Here’s an excellent video of stigemergy in nature.
  • Resource scarcity will end because the economic incentive of an open-source, localized 3D manufacturing circular economy eliminates forced obsolescence in favor of durable modular tool sets using re-purposed, recycled or upcycled materials over new ones. Regeneration is not an energy intensive issue, it’s about the deliberate creation of super durable but fully reusable, regenerative, and/or compostable materials from the get go! Why purchase new materials, when you can make new products for free using old materials laying around your house, warehouse or landfill? More importantly, all future products will be made from the beginning using organic materials, to last indefinitely, to be maximally modular and reusable, or at end-of-life are easily reused or recycled. See Spime.
  • Ephermalization (doing more and more with less and less) is accelerating.
  • The decentralizing peer-to-peer network trend is structural, global, resilient and adaptive.
  • P2P decentralized networks trump hierarchies, because p2p networked, self-organizing spontaneous orders (without orderers) are more flexible, nimble, responsive, adaptable, and thus smarter than hierarchies (see how hierarchies promote stupidity versus p2p/open networks).
    • Slime molds – living example in the natural world of how self-organizing spontaneous orders are better adapted to rapidly changing environments.
  • Open source p2p reputation networks interpret stupidity as damage and route around it.
  • Transparency (open-networks) trumps secrecy.
    • Secrecy creates cognitive deficits (stupidity) in systems that employ it, making them less competitive than more open (smart) systems. See Julian Assange’s paper The Non-linear Effects of Leaks on Unjust Systems of Governance for a detailed analysis of how secrecy is a heavy tax on any organization that uses it.
    • Open systems have more inter-node connections and free flow of information, therefore node-for-node they are smarter.
    • On the issue of trust – which would you trust more – an open, transparent. and auditable-by-anyone financial instrument, or the secret and proprietary ones controlled by a few that dominate the current financial landscape?
  • Radical Abundance – the synergy of decentralized, p2p reputation networks, free energy, free materials, and free and open information, fosters more resilient, responsive, safer, participatory, egalitarian environments that mitigate/dissipate/minimize stupidity/bad outcomes/bad actions/bad intentions, while maximizing collective and individual intelligence, innovation and creativity.
    • Broken (dumber) socio-political systems will be routed around and replaced by self-organized (smarter), reputation based, participatory, egalitarian, decentralized, p2p, spontaneous orders (without orderers).
    • Decentralization results in an eventual dissipation of coercive power (using things like reputation networks that amplify/reward good behavior, and attenuate bad behavior).
  • Radical Abundance radically decreases, if not completely eliminates stupidity, resulting in radical increases in both individual and collective intelligence. The result of this is either a radical decrease, or complete elimination of, crime, violence, greed, coercion, mental and physical disease, pollution, waste, poverty, famine, stupidity, as well as the ecological, economic and social problems that have resulted from it.
  • Those with empathy are able to connect more deeply and form more cohesive bonds with others than those without it. And since networks trump hierarchies, and transparency trumps secrecy, the combination of reputation systems (which by definition favor those who are kind, among other things), along with the network effect, results in those with the highest reputation/kindness/empathy forming the most highly coherent collective intelligences. Therefore, empathy centered collective intelligences will out compete those that are less kind — changing the social and political fabric of the human race forever.
  • Therefore, Radical Abundance is the thing that will take us from being an adolescent species on the verge of annihilation, to a mature star-faring species, bringing our own unique light, joy, creativity and beauty to the universe.




  • Personal Resistance – One reason people haven’t discovered this Radical Abundance formula is because they have not connected all the dots yet. This is understandable given that we have become so inundated by negative news that is, by design, meant to keep us from imagining better alternatives. The mainstream media continues its agenda of distraction, phony threats, endless wars, and futures bleaker than the present. It’s a desperate ploy to keep us stuck in fear, ignorance and hopelessness. What they are desperately trying to keep us from knowing is this: There are not only better alternatives, but WAY better alternatives. Alternatives that are vastly better than anything that has ever been conceived before, even in the best science fiction. For this reason, most likely, a radically abundant future is understandably unbelievable.
  • Established Elites 
  • Coercion – how can a peaceful world without coercion come into being?
    • Crime, Guns, Tyranny and War – Assuming RA is achieve what need is there for violence or control when you can get everything you need for almost zero cost and effort?
    • Drones – total sousveillance/transparency.
    • Law and Justice – victimless crimes become nonsensical in a RA future. Almost every other crime is rooted in scarcity and hoarding. The remaining small amount of residual psychopathy becomes a manageable and probably curable mental health problem, not a criminal justice one (also consult c4ss.org(?) about crime mitigated without punishment through reputation and other matters).
    • How all coericion can be rendered irrelevant –  Innovating Our Way to a Peaceful and Liberating Anarchy
  • Existential Threats
    • Global Warming – the root cause of global warming, atmospheric carbon, is eliminated through free/clean solar energy.
    • Nanotech Grey Goo

Recommended Books/Articles

  • Infinite Resource, Ramez Naam
  • Abundance, Peter Diamandis
  • The Better Angles of Our Nature, Steven Pinker
  • Zero-Marginal Cost Society, Jeremy Rifkin
  • The Upcycle, William McDonough
  • Makers, Chris Anderson
  • Hyperpolitics, Mark Pesce
  • The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley
  • World Changing
  • A Beautiful Anarchy, Jeffrey Tucker
  • Homebrew Industrial Revolution, Kevin Carson
  • Unpluggers, Vinay Gupta